My computer is broken

This is a common expression.  It applies to many different symptoms and the best remedy requires you to consider cost, time and the consequences to your privacy.  Because of age, it may be technically outdated but first you should answer some questions:

  • Does it make noise when the power is turned on?
  • Does it boot to Windows?
  • Does it seem slower than it used to be?
  • Is it only slow when you access email? only a few web sites? only some application programs?
  • Do messages pop up that you don't understand?
  • Do you have important data that is no longer accessible?
  • If it is fixed, will that be good enough?

The next step is to evaluate the choices.  Can we repair it?  Is it worth repairing?  Can/should we add some memory or some new feature?  Can we salvage data from it?  How can we dispose of it safely?

Buying something new doesn't always solve all problems since your personal history is recorded on the hard drive.

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