What do you need?

With so many choices to make it is hard to know where to begin.  Tech stuff is always changing and some of the changes are helpful but others are just differences that make you re-think what you already knew.

  • First, ask yourself do you have any critical software applications?   If you are just into email and internet browsing the answer is no.  If you want to do things with photography or videos you will probably need a particular software package and the package usually specifies minimum system requirements.  Do you need to exchange documents with the latest Microsoft Office version or can you use an older version with a compatibility package?  Check the software version requirements...they will sometimes change significantly.  Can you work with an older version of the Microsoft operating system? If so, you may be happy with a refurbished system and save a bunch of money.
  • Next, ask yourself what is good enough?  The answers to this question always tell you about features that you must have to be satisfied.  These are minimum requirements
  • Then, ask what would be better?  The answers here identify things that will enhance your enjoyment of a computer/network/software experience.  They describe important requirements and definitely worthwhile if they fit your budget.  Do you want to download streaming video clips or movies?  Spend a little time on considering enhancements but consider that many future plans run into trouble because of complex software or un-fulfilled promises.  The cost of technology has continued to drop over time and it may be wise to put off some wishes for a future purchase.
  • Lastly, consider what would really be nice?.  Use a little imagination but don't be disappointed if the features are not available or appear very expensive.  By thinking about and evaluating t;hings outside your price range or beyond feasibility you can better appreciate the real value of what you can afford.  You can compromise some wishes with confidence that they are really only small incoveniences.
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