Once I'm connected, how can I share?

  • You have two or more computers and you want to share files easily.
    Sharing files means copying...the first network you may have used was 'sneaker net'...where you copied a file onto a removable media like a thumb drive (used to be a floppy disk) and then walked over to the other computer and plugged in the media and copied from it onto the other computer.  There are better ways.
  • Local area networks exist in a single location (office or home) and allow sharing files or printers or other resources such as a scanner.  The variety of computer operating systems make the details somewhat more complex than the actual concepts.  The fundamental concerns are about:
    • the security of your data (who can copy from whom and which files/printers/... can they access)
    • the quality of your network connections (wired, wi-fi, powerline, ...) and speed (in Mbps)
    • the security of your network design (is it wired or wireless with some sort of password)
    • the strength and management of passwords and access levels
  • Sharing between locations outside of your home or office location requires additional considerations:
    • shared tools such as Google Drive (formerly Google Documents)
    • remote encrypted storage such as Drop-Box, Accellion
    • high speed connections to handle the flow of data in both directions.
We already have a network and it doesn't work

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