The Case for DSL Service

The choices and prices for network service continue to proliferate. Many options are bundled with other services that rely on the same internet connection. Here iare some important characteristics of common DSL service offerings...

  • ’High Speed’ DSL service: Where economy in price is a requirement, DSL service is often a workable solution. This is frequently bundled with basic cable and phone service in bargain TV service provider ads.
    • With or without TV service, the internet speeds are fine for email, social media and a single user who may wish to download TV shows via the internet from time to time. Newer computers will not make this service run faster.
    • Speeds typically run about 4 Mbps download and .5 to 1.5 Mbps upload.
    • Service at this level will still be capable of providing usable wi-fi support for cell phones if they are not heavily data dependent.

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