Hard drive failed? ... Got a new computer?

If you are worried about your programs or personal documents because your computer has failed, we may be able to help.  When a computer fails or has become technologically outdated it can leave you stranded with precious data still locked in the old hard drive.  It often happens that things are not as bad as they seem.

We have special tools and experience to extract disk drives and retrieve data without relying on your old computer.  In some cases we can bring the hard drive back to life and refresh the computer.  In most  cases we can save the data off to a new device or transfer it to a new computer.  If you have the original install disks for your apps we can even install and set them up as well.  You don't always need to buy new software just because you have a new computer,  Talk with us and we may be able to save you from grief and unnecessary expense as well.

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