Database Services and Consulting

Your business may be small but you can still be well organized and effective in handling data. We can coach, train, set things up and show you how to make efficient use of tools to get the most value out of the data you work with.

We know how to design databases. We can help with construction of tables as well as transfer of data in from diverse sources or out for archive purposes. We are familiar with spreadsheets as well as web-oriented databases. Small businesses may often make effective use of Microsoft Excel or Google Documents Spreadsheets instead of databases. Our experience in programming helps to make customize those products for ease of use. We offer consulting services to help customers design and implement forms and reports as well as build the databases and migrate data.

  • Consulting service is available on an hourly basis to discuss hardware and software needs and design tables, queries and reports.
  • We are specialists in data extraction and conversion from external data sources, cleansing of data from existing sources and the development of methods to receive new data feeds to the database.
  • Data sources may include Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access, other small desktop databases, Oracle and DB2.

We are experts in converting data formats between systems.  You don't need a full-time data person to be effective in handling data.  We can handle small projects and get you going.

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