Our Approach to Web Design

Web site design is a craft  There are many tools available and many vendors selling web space who say they will help you but are they all of equal quality?

Your web site is your calling card on the internet.  It represents you and the message you have to offer to your customers.  A well-designed site speaks in more ways than words.

  • Good graphics can draw visitors in but poorly conceived graphics may take attention away from your main messages.
  • Good typography can make your site easily readable and design with accessibility in mind can assist visitors and customers with older eyesight or smaller screens.
  • A strong color sense can influence the general theme of your web site in a way that plays on a person's emotions.  Some colors are warmer, some are cooler.  Some contrasts are too loud and some are too soft
  • Good editing can focus your message in an effective way with just a few words.

Look for a web site builder with an eye trained to graphics design and communication skills in addition to programming skills and you will get more value and satisfaction in return for your investment.  A web design service that fails to offer you real design guidance may be just a hacker.  At This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.you can check our references, not just our tool set.

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