Templates Set the Style

Creating a web page offers many opportunities for individuality and requires many decisions.  The choices can be overwhelming.

The process of design is easier when you select a look and feel from a professionally constructed template.  Templates come with many different varieties of overall appearance and are often constructed with a particular business or social or service model in mind.  A well built template is composed of a set of pre-defined style elements (like headers, lists, menu bars, columns and divisions within the page) that coordinate typography and graphical elements.  The style and graphical elements give your site a sense of consistency and organization while still offering methods that direct a visitor's attention to important details in your products and services.  Effective use of style elements gives you with the means to  emphasize the features and details that differentiate important elements of your products or services.

Joomla! is an open-source tool set for building web sites based on templates created and designed by a community dedicated to reducing the cost of web site tools without reducing the quality.  The tool set is designed to help you concentrate on creating your unique content while taking advantage of experienced designers who create the styles.  There are many templates available to select from at modest cost or even free.  The templates come with pre-defined color schemes and areas on the web page for menu bars, columns, banners, columns...to organize the page to tell your story.  Colors, sizes and type faces are selected to work in harmony.  Many in the Joomla community develop functional extensions that drop into the template and make use of conventions that easily support calendar, shopping cart, map tools photos, videos and more.

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