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Our senior consultant and technician Professional Summary: Since retiring from IBM in 1994 as an Advisory Programmer, I have continued to engage in data analysis and software development using diverse technologies. My strength is creative problem solving and understanding data, data streams and databases. I know how to handle confidential data and build secure systems. I've been vetted by IBM, the CIA and the IRS. Experienced with life cycle process quality and process improvement. Recent work includes web site design, build and unix hosting using the Joomla! web Content Management System. I look forward to extending my creative career with smaller projects and web sites.


•  Graduate:  Bronx High School of Science,  New York City
•  B.S. in Chemistry: Brown University,  Providence, RI
•  IBM Systems Engineering Institute, New York City

Technical skills:

PC Tools: Windows 7/ Windows XP environment • Microsoft Visual Studio for "C" and Visual Basic • Microsoft Office suite including Access, Excel and VisualBasic for Excel • Jscript • Win/NT APIs • Adobe graphics products   • Adobe Creative Suite   • Adobe Dreamweaver

Database: Oracle • Oracle development tools (TOAD, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL procedures, packages and functions) • Data modeling (ERWIN, COOL:Gen) • DB2 tools including QMF, SPUFI • VisualBasic • Microsoft Access, Access BASIC

Mainframe: IBM developer tools...MVS/TSO/ISPF • S/390 Assembler, macro creation, JCL • SyncSort • CICS • COBOL • REXX

Data migration: Custom data analysis tools for data transformation • Database utilities (DB2, Oracle) • QMF • VisualBasic • batch jobs • process automation

CASE Tools: (COOL:Gen) • Oracle Designer 2000

UNIX: ftp/.netrc• CPanel • korn shell • Ubuntu Linux

Web Design: HTML • PHP • Dreamweaver • Adobe Flash • Joomla! web Content Management System

Professional Experience

Web Site consultant 2008 to present

Web Designer and Webmaster:  I have developed and currently maintain web sites for several non-profits and a local law firm at various independent web hosting companies. These projects have expanded my skills in outsourcing, HTML, PHP, graphics tools and the Joomla web Content Management System.

Independent consultant April 2000 - 2008

2 years: Analyst/developer at NIST. Team lead for operations and maintenance of a system to track and issue badges for NIST Associates who maintain work relationships at the NIST campus.  Prior work at NIST included requirements for a web-based enhancement of the NIST Associates system built on Oracle and based on a proprietary (HandySoft) workflow and electronic forms technology.  In addition completed a project for NIST Human Resources (HR) to export data to the mainframe database at USDA National Finance Center to record HR actions.  As a concept demonstration, I developed a requirements spreadsheet for HR actions which could transform field mappings into an Oracle /PL-SQL code generator to assure correctness of data transforms and simplify maintenance.

4 ½ years: Custodial Accounting Project (a multi-terabyte DB2 data warehouse) at IRS. Architect/lead developer of Extract and Transform sub-system to load IRS Individual Taxpayer Master file (IMF) into a DB2 data warehouse.  Responsible for software infrastructure, design of critical system interfaces and development tools.  Exercised skills in, DB2, IBM architecture, JCL, SyncSort, operations planning, job scheduling and data modeling.  This system has many parallel tasks in order to accommodate the customer's high weekly data volume and throughput requirements.  I developed a unique approach to attain high quality though tools that automate coding and generate JCL.  Created about 35,000 SLOC (40% of a 7-person team) of assembler code.  This contract consistently received award fees greater than 95% from a tough customer.

BAE SYSTEMS, Rockville, MD October 1999 – February 2000

Team lead for enhancements to the company's customer billing and invoicing system.  I developed project plans (which were approved by the company controller), conducted application and system-level requirements analysis and established individual team member assignments, evaluation criteria and team development procedures for an organization seeking CMM level-3 certification.

Independent consultant August 1997 – October 1999

Developed data model, PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to control access to a terabyte database of classified and compartmented documents and files.  Designed, configured and built cross-platform message methods for controlling access to sensitive information using MQSeries queues, ProC procedures and PL/SQL packaged functions.

Klein Technologies Inc. 1993 – July 1997

Senior Software Engineer. Designed and implemented high-performance user authentication and authorization methods for a very large, secure document and file database implemented in DB2/CICS/COBOL and Assembler. Responsibilities included the data model, COBOL and Assembler methods, general engineering, debugging and methods to manage temporary result set paging via CICS temporary storage queues and VSAM.

Leader of a team that developed quality methodology for Klein Technologies Inc. software engineers.  Other work included quality assurance on database design, development of the data migration plans, REXX and Transact-SQL procedures to migrate a Superbase database to client/server database under Microsoft SQL Server.  Provided technical leadership in the development of a personnel sub-system for a government agency written in VisualBasic, MS Access Basic and MS SQL Server.

M-Cubed Information Systems 1993

Senior Software Engineer - client/server. Was leader of design and development for a client/server personnel management system at the Office of Personnel of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  Designed the system admin and security functions as well as the primary user navigation mechanisms and maintenance strategies.  Was instrumental in instituting quality improvement, defect prevention and problem management procedures in support of a small team effort.

International Business Machines (IBM) 1969 - 1993

Retired from IBM as Advisory Programmer.  Gained extensive experience in the product development life cycle with 4 IBM divisions including DPD (Finance Industry), Research, Communications Products and Applications Systems.  Shared a major award along with 7 team leaders for the design and development of IBM's premier system for check processing and proof-of-deposit in commercial and Federal Reserve banks (CPCS).  This system is the backbone of daily check clearing for the largest banks in the United States and around the world.

Research activities

Developed group scheduling and calendar system for executive presentation using a System/370 host-based prototype and PC-based user interface prototype.  Filed 6 IBM invention disclosures for publication based on calendar database organization and user interface.  Developed several PC-based user interface prototypes for business and executive demonstration.  Presented a prototype Stock Broker's Workstation at the Securities Industry Association trade show in 1982 which became the basis for an IBM/Merrill Lynch joint product development venture.

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