We work with all makes of computer and network equipment

We perform repairs, do website development and maintenance, perform data recovery and provide temporary on-site support for computer, network and internet technology.

  • We are a small business dedicated to supporting other small businesses and non-profit groups that have no internal information technology specialists of their own.
  • We are an independent resource available to consult with, deliver and service the information technology that empowers a small business to run effectively.
  • We perform hardware repairs and data recovery on all types of computers.
  • We offer software and hardware configuration support and operations tutorials.
  • We design and install custom databases and reports based on Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions, such as Microsoft Office and Google Documents or Open Office products.
  • Our design and consulting guidance is based on industry best practices for project planning and project management to work effectively in with any organization.
  • We have developed web sites using Dreamweaver and .php as well as other sites using the Joomla! web Content Management System.
  • Our special asset is decades of accumulated knowledge of IT systems and industry development methods, best practices and techniques.

Our senior tech leader has more than two decades of experience in software engineering and systems development in circumstances requiring sensitivity and trust including banking, office systems and national intelligence.  We listen to your concerns and help you discover what you need.

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