After many years of systems engineering, product planning and software development I appreciate the profound changes that technology has contributed to our lives. Many aging adults have difficulties (physical, mental and emotional) that change the way we interact with our everyday surroundings. The best solution for these difficulties isn’t always to “move to a new home “ or “assisted living”. Such moves can be terribly disorienting and depressing when established friends and familiar surroundings are replaced with the challenge of “starting life in a new community”. Most people prefer to receive physical, emotional and social support in the homes that they are already accustomed to.

Technology can help loved ones keep in touch with them and provide awareness of their needs as well as facilitate assistance in ways we never thought of before. The challenge I enjoy is finding ways to adapt technology to assist people in coping with the changes around them. I have experience with many personal productivity tools, web sites and communication tools. It’s hard to keep up with everything but in many cases, simple solutions can be found to assist with networking, computer setup and configuration, voice-controlled devices and finding new solutions to old problems.

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